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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2003 Chevrolet 1500HD Crew Cab

SQcrewcab, SQcrewcab's
Springfield, IL US
Class: 1 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 18120 |  H2H Wins: 1 |  Rank: 5.5 |  Hits: 4611
Install Details
Dan Schultz, Joe Davis

Alpine 9855, Alpine RUX-C701,PXA-C701, center channel-Morel tweet and 4". Eclipse 6.5" components SE8264,Eclipse 4" SP8944, Eclipse 6.5" SP8964, (2) Concept CC-1004A's (1)Concept CC-2400A,Optima yellow top.

This is my SQcrewcab built for SQ. These pictures will show you products installed in my truck,and how they are installed. These will also show you things you cant see. Solderd wire connections, Dynamat, all wire mounted secure and properly protected. ALL wire in my truck is run through wire loom. Thank you and enjoy.

 46 Gallery Photos
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my truck 3
The only performance upgrade my truck has is Flowmaster dual exhaust. I had this installed when the truck had about 1200 miles on it.
 Photo Posted: Aug 11,2005   Photo Viewed: 955 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  OnYrMrk on Oct 16,2005  
Loved the pictures! Plenty of time and effort went into your project, and it shows! Excellent doors and excellent equipment. BIG points from me! Check out my Mark VIII when you get a chance.
Comment Posted By:  sqliberty on Oct 01,2005  
Very nice install. I like the attention to detail. SQ is the way to go. Come look at my truck if you get time. I rated you high. Thanks
Comment Posted By:  Andrewm on Sep 06,2005  
Your install is top notch! I love the Orion subs, would like upgrade to one down the road. I accepted your H2H, good luck!
Comment Posted By:  ALLORIONS on Sep 05,2005  
Comment Posted By:  primy on Sep 02,2005  
Nice instal, i like your front door panels, make it for twiters too. I give u great marks, check my sistem if u have some time
Comment Posted By:  paralo on Aug 19,2005  
Nice install, I bet that has got to be one party truck.
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Aug 19,2005  
Youve done so well on this install,Igave ya 1200 points!!
Comment Posted By:  frppower on Aug 17,2005  
awsome work,great attention to detail,gave you 1200pts. hope it helps you,check mine out and rate it if you get a chance thanks.
Comment Posted By:  Nova on Aug 16,2005  
Dude... Holy... Wow...

Any install with Concept amps and Orions Top Of The Line subs has 10/10 from my book... Not to mention the fiberglassing! Excelent
Comment Posted By:  SQcrewcab on Aug 14,2005  
In my opinion, this On line competing thing is not working. Lots of these people, i would guess, have never competed before. I have 40 + photos of my install and get lower points for pictures than guys that have 5 pics, with NO comments on pics! On instal
Comment Posted By:  DriveBy on Aug 13,2005  
Nothing not to like here, very well integrated
Comment Posted By:  shawnmneal on Aug 13,2005  
wow...great attention to detail, I'm very impressed with your skills as an installer, very high marks from me, keep it up.
Comment Posted By:  gHOstFaCe2119 on Aug 12,2005  
Nice install, looks like it lives up to the name "SQcrewcab"
Comment Posted By:  Dankman on Aug 12,2005  
Good job, i bet that sounds good, prolly got a good punch to it.
Comment Posted By:  Ryan21 on Aug 12,2005  
Awsome job and great layout. Your install was very professional and very well planned. Your truck is awsome , all tens from me.
Comment Posted By:  customcarchris on Aug 11,2005  
Well this is one well rounded project. Everything done real neat and by the book. Looks real professional and probably won't break or come apart for 100 years.
Comment Posted By:  lilman1369 on Aug 11,2005  
damn it looks like you got enough power going to your but hell it looks good and i'll bet it sounds better.
Comment Posted By:  ric2003 on Aug 11,2005  
Awsome, just plain awsome dude, very nice install and good choice of equipement. gave you 10's all the way. Very good quality intall.GOOD WORK !!!!!

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