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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1986 GMC Safari

The RE Van, csfan14's
Panama City Beach, FL US
Class: 1 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 21500 |  H2H Wins: 6 |  Rank: 4.9 |  Hits: 4814
Install Details
Mick Cotten, Kevin Balda

HU:Pioneer Premeir DEH-P670MP Sub Amp Hifonics BX605 Subs: 18" RE XXX Front Fill:Infinty 552i's 5.25 w/slik Tweet Rear Fill:Infinty 602i's 6.5 w/Silk Tweets 4" pionner Sub Box: Costom Built 12.314^3Ft Ported Box Tuned to 28Hz Other:Creative Zen Touc

Well From 6 Pioneer Speakers a Pioneer Premeir HU And 1 18" RE XXX In a 12.314 Cubic foot enclosure Tuned to 28 Hz Powered By 600 rms the bass makes you nose itch. Soon to have a Modded Mtx 1501D Just Some Vids Of the XXX With 400WRms.

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My Van
Wel the Color is Eletric BlueYep i have a Eletric Blue Safari van. 4 layers.
 Photo Posted: Oct 15,2005   Photo Viewed: 943 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Aug 02,2006  
1200 again.. Daz
Comment Posted By:  csfan14 on Jan 01,2006  
no not relly i buy them i have a stack of them bhind me.i rip them on to my pc then put them on MP3 cd's so i don't ruin my orgnials.
Comment Posted By:  Gabe33 on Jan 01,2006  
too cheap to buy one cd heh
Comment Posted By:  lilman1369 on Dec 30,2005  
good luck
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Oct 27,2005  
Nice sub! would like to put my Studio 500 to it... makes me want to get some more stuff, lol.
Comment Posted By:  csfan14 on Oct 21,2005  
Image Hosted by
Comment Posted By:  jaboran on Oct 16,2005  
sweet.. that sub is kinda monstrous... 4 hifonics amps?.. why not 2 pg 1200.1 or kicker kx1200.1? i think a pair of those amps would push that sub with great ease
Comment Posted By:  thrtyhz on Oct 08,2005  
Hey, I like the van. Good luck with the new install
Comment Posted By:  csfan14 on Oct 08,2005  
Hey well the MA's Are going and i Just got a 18" RE XXX To go in there place. IM probley going to be getting 4 Hofinics BX1205D's So YEA.....
Comment Posted By:  OnYrMrk on Oct 07,2005  
Not a bad system, saw the vid and man those MA's move! Gave you some good points. Check out my Mark VIII when you get a chance.
Comment Posted By:  cruiser17 on Oct 05,2005  
Thanks for the h2h. I gave you some good points. I like the set up.
Comment Posted By:  Black7series on Oct 01,2005  
Those MA's must be rockin that Van! They're sweet!
Comment Posted By:  lilman1369 on Oct 01,2005  
i like the system but i think you should look into buying some different wheels case you don't want to draw to much attention with how cromed out they are lol. but i like it
Comment Posted By:  Dankman on Sep 30,2005  
Those MA audio subs are loud, my buddy had 2 15's and wow the SPL was real good.
Comment Posted By:  dja4260 on Sep 30,2005  
where the ports?
Comment Posted By:  porkchop on Sep 29,2005  
i like the van idea. makes a good ride to do big installs in.would like to see some more pics. i gave you some good points. check out my ol'beater.thanks.
Comment Posted By:  ranmansnaple on Sep 29,2005  
clean van i wana see some more picsi wanna see the 6x9s i gave you 12oo points check out my car tell me what you think rate me
Comment Posted By:  jaboran on Sep 29,2005  
that is a pretty beefy box.. i bet that was a bitch to get in there
Comment Posted By:  Nova on Sep 29,2005  
Hmm, invest some money in a camara, it's free after you pay!! This means MORE PICS!!! I love the fact that you have Hifonics, I LOVE Hifonics, I'll get you a pretty good starting rating.

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