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1999 Dodge Dakota

Tight Dakota RT, velocitymotorsports's
Morden, MB CA
Class: 3-4 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 17820 |  H2H Wins: 2 |  Rank: 6.3 |  Hits: 8457
Install Details
Jeff Sit

Alpine CDA-9533, (2) MRD-M500, MRV-F340, CHA-S634, Alpine SPR-176a, Audio Control DQT, (4) SWR-1042D 10" Dual 4-ohm subwoofers & Factory rears

This installation took me about 4 months to do ( off and on ) and the customer came to me wanting to put 4 woofer's in a regular cab truck. Pictures show you that I accomplished what the customer wanted and it sounds great considering it's a truck.

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Tight Dakota RT
Shoehorned 4 subs into the cab of the Dakota along with 3 amplifiers, changer, EQ, caps and component speakers.
 Photo Posted: Oct 30,2005   Photo Viewed: 1347 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Mar 16,2007  
love the glass work behind the seats, really clever. some nice after market seats would look good, with some fibre glass sections and that, you know the ones i mean dont you. just a thought. check out my install and rate it if u dont mind. gave you 8
Comment Posted By:  1BAD86VMAX on Feb 03,2007  
Nice ride & install , I rated you for the new cycle , please rate me back.
Comment Posted By:  fordfreak on Jul 27,2006  
1200 points from me. I wish I could give more. Awesome.
Comment Posted By:  BeaterTruck on May 31,2006  
Very nice glass work, gave you all 10z for your hard work
Comment Posted By:  Gamecertified on Mar 20,2006  
nice and accurate bass reproduction and oh yeah the boom sweet set up check mine out
Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Mar 01,2006  
Gave you all 10's, nice work... check out my install sometime,, Daz
Comment Posted By:  torawi01 on Feb 18,2006  
Very nice. 'nough said.
Comment Posted By:  Kingosaby on Feb 12,2006  
I like what you did with the faberglass, reall nice layout. im dropping you all 10's. check out my dynasty in H2H.
Comment Posted By:  rw9122 on Feb 07,2006  
nice work. i cant imagine the time it took to do all the fiberglass work! all 10's from me!
Comment Posted By:  teamz1audio on Feb 03,2006  
fiberglass rocks!! awesome install
Comment Posted By:  Reit38 on Jan 22,2006  
love all the fiberglassing 10s from me check my ride out
Comment Posted By:  cmeace on Jan 17,2006  
Some really great fiberglass work. Nice job sqeezing all of that in there and still making it look outstanding. High scores from me.
Comment Posted By:  mrwigglezdj on Dec 31,2005  
i bet that hurts =x
Comment Posted By:  velocitymotorsports on Dec 18,2005  
Right back at you Dude. Thanks and best wishes to you in the New Year !
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Dec 18,2005  
Merry Xmas again Vel,keepem comin!!
Comment Posted By:  carbass on Nov 24,2005  
this is a sweet install i gave you all 10's
Comment Posted By:  Tyson99 on Nov 21,2005  
very nice clean install i like the way you mounted the amps very nice
Comment Posted By:  NeverEnuffBass on Nov 21,2005  
Wow nice install. I like how you made those door panels. I have a Durango and I'm about to redo my doors. Check it out sometime.
Comment Posted By:  ALLORIONS on Nov 19,2005  
this truck is amazing!
Comment Posted By:  jo4ne33 on Nov 17,2005  
your work is awsome! lot of creativity. you are an artist!!

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