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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2001 BMW 540i 6speed

The Silver Bullet, shawnmneal's
San Francisco, CA US
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Install Details
myself, and my uncle

QSD 164's(2 sets) Morel Ovation 4's, 2 zapco amps, a 1000.4 & a 500.1, Allumapro 5 farad capacitor, 1 JL Audio 12w6,A custom MDF/Polycarbonate Sub Box stock Harmon Kardon head unit , 2 dynamat extreme trunk kits & 6 12 inch neon tube

Hey Guys, Everything you see has been custom built by myself with a little help from my uncle who is a woodworking genius. The fit and finish of the amp drawers are perfect, everything is attached to the car using very large carriage bolts and I refused to drill any holes in the car. The sub box is made out of 3/4 inch mdf and 3/4 inch polycarbonate/lexan, it utilizes the entire spare tire well and gives the sub 1.5 cu ft. of airspace. The sound quality of this system is amazing...

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The Sound quality out of these doors is amazing
I can't say enough about these speakers, they are crystal clear, loud as hell and amazingly accurate. The Panels were installed by All Wired Up Customs and I was very impressed with the skill of there installers.
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Comment Posted By:  RampagesZ on Dec 13,2013  
Top points, Very nice!
Comment Posted By:  smithronnie123 on Jun 23,2010  
gave ya 800 points on it.great job! if ya get time check out my z24 and rate it
Comment Posted By:  CTA on Apr 20,2008  
I got a new head unit, hard drive, and sub installed. Check out the gallery for more details. Later!
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Sep 27,2007  
Hey man... what did you use as a line output convertor to use the stock headunit? I bought an audiocontrol LC6. havent used it yet.
Comment Posted By:  ludedude on Aug 08,2007  
more points as a guest. still one of my favorite installs. come rate my ride when you can. also vote for me in the h2h.
Comment Posted By:  soda on Jul 14,2007  
Hey shawn how ya been man? Long time no talk. I'm back in so. cal and yep workin back at Wired-up so be on the look out for some new sick stuff commin up soon.
Comment Posted By:  the14u36 on Jun 01,2007  
Man i love this system. Wish i could hear that
Comment Posted By:  jlwhite on May 26,2007  
1200 from me.very the amp rack.very nice equip.very clean install.come check mine out sometime.
Comment Posted By:  the14u36 on May 26,2007  
Droped ya max points man 800 everything about that car is nice from the trunk lid to the base button to the motor. nice car Hit me back when you get a chance. Thanks
Comment Posted By:  ludedude on May 17,2007  
i'm very impressed. one of my favorite on this site. gave you good points. similar goal as me, very clean with good sound.
Comment Posted By:  boomncaraudio on Apr 04,2007  
Ride looks sweet and the system is sick. i really like the box it fits in there really nice. 1200 points. stop by and check out my dakota and let me know what you think.
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Mar 15,2007  
top points,love the doors yhey look great. i could use your oppinion on my doors and kick panel set up. hit me bak with some points and some advice, thanx m8. rated u highly
Comment Posted By:  CTA on Feb 14,2007  
Hey, long time no see.. I got a new car and a new system, check out the gallery in my profile under 'SQ Saab'. I didn't get the Zapco 1000.4, I decided I couldn't spend that much on an amp unless I was going to compete.. and I spent enough on my last car
Comment Posted By:  andymtx on Jan 01,2007  
Nice ride and install, check mine out sometime.
Comment Posted By:  billhofe128 on Nov 03,2006  
Comment Posted By:  CTA on Nov 02,2006  
Hey, thanks for getting back to me.That's what I'm finding, but the more I look at those Zapco amps the more I like them. We'll see, I still have some time to put the equipment together.
Comment Posted By:  OnYrMrk on Nov 01,2006  
3 to 1 shawn. Love this car and I have to give props where they are due! Good luck this cycle. --Joe
Comment Posted By:  CTA on Oct 31,2006  
Looks great! I'd love to get one of those Zapco Reference 1000.4 amps, I sent you an email hoping you can point me in the right direction.
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Sep 30,2006  
Looks great Shawn... Check out the 528i I bought a few months ago. I plan on putting a nice setup in it. damn I wish I had the 540i! anyhow... take care man.

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