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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1994 BMW 325i Convertible

Billy Bob's BMW, sdempsey's
New Minas, NS CA
Class: 1 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 33000 |  H2H Wins: 1 |  Rank: 5.8 |  Hits: 6513
Install Details
Installer: Jamie Bricker, Aaron Morse, Steve Dempsey

Alpine IVA-D310, JL Audio VR650csi, VR650cxi, TR400, 12W1V2, Kenwood KAC-8452 & KAC8152D

The customer dropped the car off and said, I don't want the car to look the same when I get it back. So that pretty much gave us the option to do what ever we wanted. The outside didn't change much except for the new front bumper and wing on the back. We added an UltraChip to give him a few more horses under the hood. The biggest change was the interior. We redid the seats & interior panels in black & tan suede and overhauled the audio system. It's a pretty dramatic change from the original.

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1994 BMW 325i Convertible -
This is the end result.
 Photo Posted: May 13,2006   Photo Viewed: 1732 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on May 04,2007  
dropped you a rating mate, let me know what you think of my system so far. all my own work. im not asking to be rated justan honest oppinion..thankyou.
Comment Posted By:  thewillman19 on Mar 25,2007  
very nice tear down and rebuild, awesome.
Comment Posted By:  (LOUD1) on May 17,2006  
hi mate, i like the look of the car on the out side... you haven't gone over the top... and your car look's perfect for that... inside is jsut the same.... good product,= good point.. check out mine if you get time
Comment Posted By:  SupaLoud on May 16,2006  
nice thats all that comes to my mind when i look at this. check out mine if you get a chance if you would.
Comment Posted By:  Brandon:) on May 16,2006  
nice ride check mine out gave ya 1200 points
Comment Posted By:  spcdwayne on May 16,2006  
very unique all 10's from me
Comment Posted By:  ydahsmils2001 on May 15,2006  
Nice install! Nice and neat. Ranked you up! Check out my ride sometime.
Comment Posted By:  chrisunthank on May 14,2006  
Much better!!! Looks awesome!!!
Comment Posted By:  BeaterTruck on May 14,2006  
Very nice overhual of the whole car. the interior looks great with the 2 tone. I gave you 10s all the way
Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on May 14,2006  
Very neat. 1200 points from me.. checkout mine sometime.. Daz
Comment Posted By:  punkroc719 on May 13,2006  
This is nice. I like the color set up as well as the newly apolstered seats. I really like how you painted the speaker cover in the back seat. I would like to see more pics or even pics of the 12" sub.
Comment Posted By:  chrisunthank on May 13,2006  
I'd like to see pictures through the process of the entire job. I'll hold off my rating until then. I want to give you high marks, I'm a true BMW fan.

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