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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1993 Honda civic hatchback

colorado springs, CO US
Class: 2 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 15680 |  H2H Wins: 1 |  Rank: 6.6 |  Hits: 5620
Install Details
me(eric leroy)

ok, i have an alpine indash screen unit, monster circuit breaker, 2 10 inch JL's with an 800 watt mono JL amp all wires are monster

it was fairly easy, because the car was gutted out when i bought it. the only difficult thing that i ran into was to build around the rear strut bar and try to evenly set the nitrous bottles there also, other than that, it was a very fun install to do

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my baby
it was primer when i bought it, and it was gutted out, it also didnt have a dasboard
 Photo Posted: Jul 05,2006   Photo Viewed: 1738 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  xplode420 on Oct 16,2007  
Damn!!! It look's like you stole it out of the need for speed video game! One of the niciest rides on the whole site. Congrats. 10's all across the board from me.Check my stih out when you get a chance.
Comment Posted By:  1BAD86VMAX on Apr 12,2007  
Button was back ,so I rated yours again,Please rate me back either regular or as a guest . I'm in a battle for 1st and need all the points I can get . Thanks
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 12,2007  
200 more as a visitor mate, do you think you could do the same for me please. im 2nd and need all the points i can get.
Comment Posted By:  jlwhite on Apr 09,2007  
1200 from me.nice setup.come rate mine sometime.
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Mar 31,2007  
absolutely love this car. thats what modifying is all about. love the windscreen wipers or lack of i should say. straight up man,wanna swap can laugh at that but i was serious. rate mine too please buddy
Comment Posted By:  boomncaraudio on Mar 28,2007  
sick azz crx droped you 1200
Comment Posted By:  1BAD86VMAX on Jan 02,2007  
Badass ride , I rated yours , please do the same for me .
Comment Posted By:  dicedaniels on Oct 01,2006  
nice choice in subs. not bad at all. which engine is that? sohc vtec, what ltr? sweet kit. looks kinda nice with the secondairy headlights capped off like that.what type of nos setup ya got. whats the boost set to? looks like you busted yer ass on it if i
Comment Posted By:  Dankman on Aug 29,2006  
This car is sick man, the engine is mean lookin, rated ya good.
Comment Posted By:  Finch on Aug 24,2006  
Online Car Audio Competition Competitor
Comment Posted By:  phonymike on Jul 31,2006  
wish I could do all that to my car. all 10's
Comment Posted By:  Jessi on Jul 14,2006  
SEXY!!! I'll be ridin with you eventually!!!
Comment Posted By:  locolopro on Jul 13,2006  
goddamn now thats a badass car..looks awesome..threw ya 1200points...keep up the good work
Comment Posted By:  ppi43908 on Jul 13,2006  
damn that one sick civic, I definitly like the fiberglassing, and can I ask how much boost ur running?
Comment Posted By:  Icon on Jul 08,2006  
your car rocks, I only accept your challange because its 800 points.. had it been any more bro no way.. RESPECT.
Comment Posted By:  mtxfan421 on Jul 08,2006  
damn..nice work man..especially around the strut bar..all 10s
Comment Posted By:  romvans on Jul 08,2006  
nice looking ride man.. very clean install.. 1200 pts from me...
Comment Posted By:  Pioneer~Saturn on Jul 07,2006  
Horray more pictures
Comment Posted By:  OnYrMrk on Jul 07,2006  
Another 1200 from me. This one is a show stopper. I am guessing that the car was originally red, from the interior, but if not, that would be the only thing that I would change if it were mine. Excellent car! --Joe
Comment Posted By:  thewillman19 on Jul 07,2006  
I cant get over that paint job, especially the view from the back. so so clean with some nice thumps. Good job on the fiberglassing. 10's! thanks for checkin mine out.

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