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1997 Volkswagen Jetta

Holland, MI US
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Install Details
Randy Kuite (myself) / Kevin Timmerman

Alpine CDA-9833, Alpine KCA-420i, Apple iPod mini, Alpine 8080 Alarm, Alpine 3672 Cross-over, Alpine 3554 Ft. Amp.(50x4), Alpine 3522 Rr. Amp.(30x2), Alpine 3544 Sub Amp.(150x2), Nak. SP10/SP50(Ft.) Bi-amp'd, Nak. SP10/SP50/PC100(Rr.), Nak. SP1010-10"subs

Images from back in 99'. This year I am refreshing the installation with several new components and finishing off several of those "to be completed later" items that never got finished. Most the major components except the H/U are nearly 15 years old. I Hope to also update some of the installation with newer install techniques such as a glassed rear deck, updated power distribution (with cap), yellow top battery, etc. Thanks for stopping by. More images to follow.

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System Component Diagram - 1/14/2005
Here is a list and diagram of the audio components installed in the vehicle. The Head Unit/iPod/and XM units were installed in January of 2005, the rest of the system was installed in the summer of 99'.
 Photo Posted: Jan 14,2005   Photo Viewed: 1716 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Feb 05,2005  
Nice Install, I am Nakamichi's biggest fan...I hope to replace my interior speakers with all Nakamichi, including my headunit. I would however hit those amps with a black sharpie... it hides scratches great! Nice Job! :)
Comment Posted By:  INFECTED on Jan 14,2005  
wow.....thats complicated but real neat result
Comment Posted By:  rkuite on Jan 14,2005  
Teamlsrmaxima - Back in 99' my daughter wasn't quite 2 at the time. Now the kids are older and also ask for the volume... up... up...=)
Comment Posted By:  rkuite on Jan 13,2005  
Theo - No problem... The Nak speakers have been great. I would give antyhing to get a VW Polo in the U.S. for a commuter car!
Comment Posted By:  teamlsrmaxima on Jan 13,2005  
very nice install I'm a family man myself so I understand having trunk space but my kids like me too turn it up daddy too...haha even on the way to school every morning....
Comment Posted By:  Theo on Jan 13,2005  
NICE! I Like Nakamichi and VW. My installation in my old Jetta(Vento in europe) were nothing when im looking at yours. Sorry for my swedish-english:-)
Comment Posted By:  rkuite on Jan 13,2005  
The rear adapters were constructed out of wood and routed out to drop into the plastic housing the stock rear speaker mounted into.
Comment Posted By:  rkuite on Jan 13,2005  
Yeah I neede adapters. The front were constructed out of 3/16" thick ABS to fit into front door pocket area.
Comment Posted By:  korndog on Jan 13,2005  
5 1/4??? i thought it was 6 3/4.. did u make ur own adaptors?
Comment Posted By:  Keizer on Jan 13,2005  
That is a nice setup! Well planned out and executed.
Comment Posted By:  rkuite on Jan 13,2005  
Korndog- All of the stock speakers were upgraded to Nakamichi separates (5 1/4 midbass with a 1" dome). I added a system diagram today to the gallery to better illustrate all of the audio components in the car. Yes getting through that funky VW con
Comment Posted By:  rkuite on Jan 13,2005  
Thanks - The planning leading up to the install took a bit of time but the actual project was completed in about 4 days. I am missing some photo's that would really help fill the gaps in the gallery. If the weather continues to cooperate here in Michig
Comment Posted By:  korndog on Jan 12,2005  
oh man, my jetta just got owned.. lol! Amazing job man, you gave me lots of ideas for my own car. are you still using stock speakers or did u upgrade those? i just went though hell of a time upgrading them, pulling wire to each door. anyways, nice job
Comment Posted By:  jaboran on Jan 12,2005  
very very clean... looks like u put a lot of time into this project... i like


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