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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Full Deck Cutlass, ArianaGs's
Lakeland, FL US
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Install Details
Clay Willis (Me)

Pioneer AVH 6450 - Flip Screen HU , 2 Rockford Fosgate 301M at 900 watts x 1 mono blocks, 1 Alpine MRP-F240 (100watts rms x2 bridged, (1) 2 farad Cap. 1 Clarion MCD360 3-way Crossover, 4 Kicker K525 2 way 5 1/4. And (8) Sony XS-L121P5 Subs in the trunk

Ok in the trunk I put all the subs and amps in there very carefully. I built some at home door pods for the 5 1/4's and some cheap Bullet tweeters. Theres the same bullet tweeters in the dash. And 4 Pioneer 4-way 6x9's in the back dash. Look at my Car domain site to see all of it.

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Pic of Car
Heres my 87' Cutlass with the 20's on there. Recently I added some spinners to them. I know you guys dont like big rims but down here in Florida thats how we do it. Post your Comments on what I could do to make it sound better. But I don't know how to fiberglass yet so just consider that when you make fun of the MDF.
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Comment Posted By:  NIGHTTRAIN24 on Apr 08,2006  
Looks good.I am not much of a sony fan but I see a lot of people using them. How are the sonys working out for you? Non the less I like the install. 10s from me.
Comment Posted By:  jowens500 on Feb 11,2006  
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Dec 20,2005  
Merry X mas Ariana
Comment Posted By:  coolwill on Feb 03,2005  
Nice Set Up I Like It
Comment Posted By:  alpine45 on Feb 02,2005  
allways a BIGfan of the Cutlass Supreme im allways looking for one up here (in canada) but I cant find one thats not beaten to death.but it takes me back to my childhood I used to have a 1985 buick lesabre 2 door.
Comment Posted By:  korndog on Jan 31,2005  
my parents had the same color. very clean job and great car. i like the dyi speakers, lol
Comment Posted By:  ArianaGs on Jan 31,2005  
Well to be honest there tight for me and specially the cost I bought them 2 at a time for 120 (for 2).The car is loud enough for me it will bounce a cell phone like 12 inches off the trunk
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Jan 31,2005  
Nice Cutlass. Rims look tight. I'm running the same Clarion crossover, it's a great unit... I chose it over many $150+ units. It just works. I've heard bad things about those subs... how do they sound? I'm curious. I bet that Regal hits hard.
Comment Posted By:  mrod81 on Jan 30,2005  
DAMN, i LOVE those cutlass' and regals'. Exterior looks CLEAN, and I know you got some time put into that trunk.

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