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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2006 Lincoln Mark LT

Goldglove41 Marked by JL Audio, goldglove41's
durham, NC US
Class: 1 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 12650 |  H2H Wins: 0 |  Rank: 6.2 |  Hits: 3562
Install Details

JL Audio Custom Stealth Box, JL Audio 250/1 Mono Amp JL Audio TR 570i 5x7 speakers JL Audio A4300 4x75 Amp Audio Control EQL Concert Series electric Crossover Audio Control 2XS high/low pass Stinger Wires, Fuses Soon to add Clarion DVD headunit

Lincoln has a factory installed sub with 6 speakers. So why would I change it? Why did you guys/gals change yours? That was my thought too. For those who know, know. JL Audio is some of the cleanest power that I have found to be very avalible. It is no McIntosh but, it is very clean. Obviously the sound system is not going to crystal clear until the factory head unit is in the trash. I have not made any progress on which unit is the winner. I am leaning to the Clarion.

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Lincoln Mark LT
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Comment Posted By:  the14u36 on Jun 01,2007  
very nice install, gave ya good points. Come checkout mine sometime when you get the chance...thanks
Comment Posted By:  TEAMFORCE on Apr 17,2007  
very cool good points to ya hit me back
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 12,2007  
it was yesterday, what the fu#k is goin on with this system. be good 2 work out tho, wouldnt it. maybe you can r8 the same car 2 days in a row,maybe they do the stats on ratings evry 2 days and havent done it yet,ill let u no wot i find
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 12,2007  
see this is what i dont understand, i gave you another 1200 just now but i also did not long ago. some times it works some times it dosent i suppose, could you try me again mate or as a visitor give 200. im in 2nd and need some points
Comment Posted By:  boomncaraudio on Apr 11,2007  
nice clean set up. droped you top points. check out my dakota and tell me what you think.
Comment Posted By:  1BAD86VMAX on Apr 11,2007  
I hit you with another 200 as a guest . Please rate me back , either regular or as a guest . I'm in a battle for 1st in class 2 . Thanks
Comment Posted By:  NJSP53 on Apr 11,2007  
Online Car Audio Competition Competitor
Comment Posted By:  rude2ted on Apr 10,2007  
Dropped ya 800 to get ya going, check out my Passport and I could use a vote in my H2H before tomorrow. LOL L8R Ted
Comment Posted By:  zazules on Apr 10,2007  
Dropped you 1200pts and 200 as visitor, very nice and clean, please rate mine as well Im trying to get to that 7.0 please help me out.
Comment Posted By:  billhofe128 on Apr 10,2007  
dude if you want it crystal clear go with a eclipse or a alpine ..the clarion is nice but it wont be as clear as you thik ..hit ya with 1200 come back if ya can and do the same for me ....bill
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 10,2007  
hit you with 1200 points to get you going a bit. looks like a mean machine mate. please check out my hatch back install and rate me in 2nd place and could use all the points i can get...good gear the jl hey? i got those amps too.later...
Comment Posted By:  1BAD86VMAX on Apr 10,2007  
Sweet install to go in a sweet ass truck .I rated yours , please rate me back .
Comment Posted By:  jlwhite on Apr 10,2007  
1200 from me .come rate mine sometime.

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