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2007 Jeep Patriot

New Orleans, NSTALLR's
New Orleans, LA US
Class: 2 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 14800 |  H2H Wins: 0 |  Rank: 6.6 |  Hits: 5943
Install Details
Vinnie Nguyen, Donny La, Nick Del Bianco

Pioneer DEH-P880PRS head unit, Pioneer PRS-D4100F highs amp, (2) Pioneer PRS-D1100M sub amps, Pioneer TS-C720PRS 6.5 components, Pioneer TS-C520PRS 5.25 components, and (2) Pioneer TS-W3001D4 12" subs

This vehicle was built for the 2007 Pioneer Demo Build off in Tucson, AZ.We went up again the top 13 Pioneer Premier dealers in the country. It was a long six weeks but it was worth it. We took top prize after going against the best of the best. It was an IASCA event and our final score was 486.2 ultimate pro div. I wanna thank Donny La and Nick Del Bianco for all their hard work and time in helping me get this Jeep ready to show. Check out the press release at or

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Jeep in Tucson, AZ
 Photo Posted: Apr 19,2007   Photo Viewed: 1289 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  DingysAudio on Feb 04,2008  
nice, gave you some pts. finally a jeep haha you don't see too many jeeps with systems well let me know how you like my car thanks
Comment Posted By:  ludedude on Jan 01,2008  
all I can say is WOW! gave you good points.
Comment Posted By:  VarinaBass51 on Dec 11,2007  
Nice one Rims look really clean nice and sleek on the inside and i love them poineer preimers dropped ya 800 points check me out sometime peace
Comment Posted By:  CustomToys on Nov 30,2007  
Your install is crazy vicious you probably got your money back with that 1st place prize. rated your system with top points
Comment Posted By:  Pioneer~Saturn on Oct 04,2007  
Seen this in Car Audio Magazine a couple times i think. Nice, must sound great. great components and layout.
Comment Posted By:  the14u36 on Jun 30,2007  
Dropped ya 1200 points. nice ride man love thoes rims. Hit me back when you get a chance. THanks
Comment Posted By:  NJSP53 on Apr 25,2007  
need help in a h2h please!!!
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 23,2007  
hey, i got 2 h2hs goin at the moment could i get a vote on each please....
Comment Posted By:  Southrninstaller on Apr 20,2007  
nice ride dude, I am originally from New Orleans. You still live there? Also, check out my ride.
Comment Posted By:  boomncaraudio on Apr 19,2007  
Nice jeep. install looks very well put together, airbrush fits in and looks good 1200 points. keep up the good work.
Comment Posted By:  NinetySixYenko on Apr 19,2007  
i like these trucks, nice rims, 800 from me, please rate mine
Comment Posted By:  zazules on Apr 19,2007  
1200pts frome me check mine out when you get a chance and my battle
Comment Posted By:  rude2ted on Apr 19,2007  
Outstanding install. Looks to me like a well deserved win. 10's across the board, Look at my 2 sometime if you get a chance, L8r Ted
Comment Posted By:  NJSP53 on Apr 19,2007  
hot ride 1200 from me return the fav
Comment Posted By:  1BAD86VMAX on Apr 19,2007  
Top notch install . Love the premier components .I rated your ride , please rate me back .
Comment Posted By:  jlwhite on Apr 19,2007  
1200 from me.nice ride .real clean install. come rate mine sometime.
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 19,2007  
thats really nice mate, good styling and system blends well. the wheels are crazy,no question about it, gave you all tens..covered all bases and installed top stuuf. check my install, all my own work. jl subs and amps, 110 photos in gallery. rate me 2
Comment Posted By:  soundsimpressive on Apr 19,2007  
very nice .clean points


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