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2001 Buick LeSabre

Big Smooth, alpineman1982's
greer, SC US
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Install Details
Brandon Jones

All Alpine:CDA-7995 head unit,ERE-G180 eq,3566 6 channel amp,SPR-13C front speakers,SPR-69C rear speakers

I used Alpine products from 3 different decades on this install.I could not believe how good it sounded when i got it tuned in.The time correction on the head unit, and the 11 bands of eq,along with all the other features both have, gives me total control of the sound from the drivers seat.I am the original owner of the 3566 amp.The new speakers can handle 100w rms and 300w peak!

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3 different local car stereo shops said i couldn't do this!
I wonder how much money those shops lose each day because of the morons they have up front.I removed all the panels around the factory was held in by push taps,and connected to wiring harness with a connector that looks like the big computer printer connector,so it was simple to remove!now for the hard part,he he,he.there was not enough depth for the cd, much less an eq.dremel took 5 min.
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Comment Posted By:  oldsmobileman on Sep 15,2007  
dropped you some good points, nice and clean.
Comment Posted By:  ludedude on May 28,2007  
nice and clean. nice car. gave you good points.
Comment Posted By:  AUDIOTISTICS on May 28,2007  
BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM you just got hit with 10s and 800 points check mine out and my h2h Onli</font></td>





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Comment Posted By:  Fender on May 22,2007  
Hey man, thats a pretty cool install. Like the title you gave it. I wasn't very creative, so i just named it after the car, but still. Im impressed with everyones installs, and each is more inspiring. I hope to upgrade mine this summer. Anyways, check
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on May 22,2007  
i think its soldered,lol...nice install mate, i gave you some good points the alpine deck.
Comment Posted By:  powerbass on May 22,2007  
Nice set up all u need is woofers get something good I would say RF,ORION,JL,ALPINE OR RE. and a big amp.
Comment Posted By:  omarebg on May 22,2007  
hey nice work, it's really difficult to fit those, and really nice job with the install, gave you 800, come rate mine sometime!
Comment Posted By:  alhasse on May 21,2007  
Thanks for the comment. Nice job fitting your components where others said you can't. I'd like to see it completed and wires tucked away. Sorry, I promised no more H2H as it was too easy to tip the scales my way on the 2 I accepted.
Comment Posted By:  frpower on May 21,2007  
Thanks for the nice comments on mine i really appreciate it,very nice work on yours,great job on making what you wanted fit,take care and keep up the great work.
Comment Posted By:  zazules on May 21,2007  
Great points from me check mine out and rate it too thanks.
Comment Posted By:  jlwhite on May 21,2007  
like the older alpine.good job on the install. left ya 1200.come rate mine sometime.
Comment Posted By:  the14u36 on May 20,2007  
dropped ya 800 points man good job on the head unit and eq looks awsome hit me back when you get a chance. Thanks
Comment Posted By:  areostar??? on May 20,2007  
nice and good for you at showing the idiot shops that just want to make mega money off you that you can in fact do it. I used the same amp in a customers install. check it out.

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