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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2007 Dodge Charger SXT

Pure Pressure Audio, livinloud5's
Gainesville, FL US
Class: 2 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 26650 |  H2H Wins: 13 |  Rank: 6.6 |  Hits: 8818
Install Details
Pure Pressure Audio & Myself

Kicker L7 15s, MA Audio 4400 hardcore X series the true 4400rms @ 1ohm amp, 4ch Kenwood 500watt amp for highs and mids,(2) 3" titanium Tweeters (6) 5.25" SoundSteam Audio Mids 2 in ea. door 2 in rear deck, Alpine IVA-D300 Pluse Touch dvd/cd/navi & xbox.

Built by myself & Friends at Pure Pressure Audio in Gainesville, FL. 352-367-8038. Car features a Crystal Black Pearl Paint Job, 22" rims w/ a deep 6" lip, 4" Dual 40series Flowmasters, K&N drop in air filter soon to be converting to cold air intake, Direct Bolt on Lambo doors, StreetGlow underbody lights, cop lights in grille w/strobes in front & rear lights, 8500k Blue Xenon Bulbs & 2 optima yellow tops & 1 large stock batteries powering system. Recently got 3rd in FL. 4 Bass Race in my class

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Car on display
My car sitting out front of the shop in Gainesville.
 Photo Posted: Jul 23,2007   Photo Viewed: 2060 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  2rgrbn on Oct 08,2008  
Hey I'm going to need some help I've been gone from the site for a while and just got like 10 H2H challenges
Comment Posted By:  Brownie on Sep 18,2008  
Sweet car and install! I bet those kickers subs pound!
Comment Posted By:  wrldzmyn on Aug 03,2008  
this car is very clean love the overall setup let ya points please check mine
Comment Posted By:  gee on Jun 22,2008  
I like what your doing keep up the good work
Comment Posted By:  DarioO on Jun 06,2008  
Every pic in my Suburban is mine. and no one can argue that now.
Comment Posted By:  2rgrbn on Jun 03,2008  
Been a while since I've been around everyone hit me with a H2H for some reason check em out
Comment Posted By:  gee on May 24,2008  
i hit you with some points!! im new so can you hit me with some points please thanks
Comment Posted By:  2rgrbn on Apr 22,2008  
It looks like you have made a lot of changes to you're system
Comment Posted By:  2rgrbn on Apr 22,2008  
I just put the new Eclipse 7200 MKII I'm running out of places to put stuff and I haven't had time to build a new dash. I'm probably going to sell my big US Amp it kicks ass but I have some more Zapco's just gathering dust
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 14,2008  
Comment Posted By:  richi on Mar 15,2008  
Why is he up there anyway,ALL of zierbox's installs are way better & many others. Enough about that, I'm really not here to bash anybody or their work. But, maybe their methods. lol!!!
Comment Posted By:  richi on Mar 15,2008  
Thanx for the points & your right about froggsdaBlaaa. I'll give him props for the Focals,that's it.
Comment Posted By:  richi on Mar 14,2008  
cont. When I see one worth it, I will. Anyway,left you some points. Looks real good.
Comment Posted By:  richi on Mar 14,2008  
Read your comments to go'n'def...your right. Not everybody rates systems correctly. It's thought that if I rate you high you'll do the same for me,all about the points. It's crap...If your gonna judge try to be honest. I've yet to give anybody all 10's. W
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Mar 10,2008  
is any one getting trophys out of this. i think ive won a few of em and ive never got a thing. not that it matters but still, it shouldnt be offered and not given....true..points for u if it lets me bro.
Comment Posted By:  joeybag4444 on Feb 27,2008  
there a air duct or something in the way thats y we had to put the radio on the bottem ..i made the first one like that all finshed and had to scrap it than make it again that stunk..
Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Feb 22,2008  
love the car! looks up to show. good choice of mono. dropped some points
Comment Posted By:  michanic220 on Jan 31,2008  
i've past that shop before. i live in volusia FL.
Comment Posted By:  platinumsc7 on Jan 29,2008  
That wall will be insane. My buddy has been competing with a wall of Soundtream SPLX's and 2 of their big 10,000 watt amps! Good to see fellow Soundstream users. That ride is crazy man, keep it up!
Comment Posted By:  EDWARD08 on Jan 17,2008  

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