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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2005 yahmaha rihno

screamin wheeler, fjm2380's
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Install Details

Clarion marine deck, alpine 4 channel amp, Mb Quart 6.5 marine mids, efx 10 in custom fiberglass center console

My buddy wanted some tunes for rockin out on the trails so he came to me to rig it up, sorry for the crapy pics and only have two right now but will update soon

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amp unda the hood
the only location we could find for the amp was under the hood it's really clean all the wiring is loomed so it doesn't look halfassed
 Photo Posted: Jan 19,2008   Photo Viewed: 1005 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Mar 09,2008  
i was thinking about getting an eclipse XA4000 to match the 4 channel I currently have. all the wiring goes off the top and bottom so they will sit flush against each other. i wish i could get a focal amp but its a bit out of my price range
Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Mar 02,2008  
yea, diamond audios are nice, im actually going more for focal 165 K2P components in the front
Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Feb 28,2008  
dropped straight 10's just because that amp placement is just amazing! come check out mine when you get the chance :)
Comment Posted By:  fjm2380 on Jan 20,2008  
Just so yall know we live in the desert and when it rains we don't ride. But he has taken it out and hit some puddles with it and the way that the base is bigger than the amp caused it to get a little wet on the bottom side but nothing made it to the top
Comment Posted By:  areostar??? on Jan 20,2008  
Comment Posted By: ericjimenez on Jan 20,2008 so you cant take it over water now. :( I would have to ask the same thing....You might want to build a water proof case for that....
Comment Posted By:  ericjimenez on Jan 20,2008  
so you cant take it over water now. :(
Comment Posted By:  wrldzmyn on Jan 20,2008  
the power of wanting good sound, "hey that will fit here" lol very cool check mine when you get a chance, gave ya some points
Comment Posted By:  EDWARD08 on Jan 19,2008  
nice bro now i think iv seen it all awsome idea left you some points check out mine if you want


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