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1995 Ford Explorer

J-Man, Yasky's
Columbia, SC US
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Install Details
Rob Webster, Jimmy Arapia, Justin Arapia

pioneer head unit audio control Epicenter audio control EQX audio control matrix 2X orion HCCA D5000 sub amps 2X orion HP4800 4 channel amp 6X orion HCCA 6.2 separates 2X orion HCCA 15.2 subs 7X Optima redtop batteries 1X Ohio generator 250 amp a

so far we have the entire truck matted and foamed as much as we could. Dropped 2x 1/0 wired through frame to rear and we welded a lot of bolts to frame and body to try to make as many grounds as we could to ground body motor and frame. we used 1''1/4 mdf wood and reinforced with fiberglass inside the speaker box and out. I'm going to try and drop some pics in so you can get an idea of where we are. Any tips or tricks would be most welcome if you see me missing.

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Nite Glow Amp Wall
 Photo Posted: Apr 09,2008   Photo Viewed: 1205 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Jun 20,2008  
justins one sick puppy, hey? hows he when you talk to him, is his favourite word, "what" points for some real clean work mate,,,,, later....
Comment Posted By:  AlbertCarabjal on Apr 30,2008  
cool system you got some points chenk my van out and let me now what you think.
Comment Posted By:  Heyitsme on Apr 13,2008  
best ive ever seen
Comment Posted By:  Yasky on Apr 09,2008  
thanks for all the great comments... should have outside painted soon will update soon
Comment Posted By:  jowens500 on Apr 07,2008  
Nice install:)
Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Apr 07,2008  
dang I just checked your install out to see if you got more pics up and DAM!! this is one of the nicest installs i have ever seen. that amp rack is soooo clean! let me know what you think of mine if you get the chance :)
Comment Posted By:  jdela69 on Apr 07,2008  
Can really use some help in my h2h! Stop by and drop me a vote!
Comment Posted By:  jdela69 on Mar 26,2008  
DAMN!!! had to give u all 10's. theres just nothin else to say. stop by mine sometyme let me know what ya think
Comment Posted By:  Geo on Mar 20,2008  
Yo, your doors are are SICK!!!!!!!!!!!I love what how you did those doors,gave you top points........check out my install...i'll be doing a whole new install soon,but i'll still keep my headliner/amp rack the same.....
Comment Posted By:  richi on Mar 12,2008  
Thanx,man good comments from the pro's makes me feel like I did a decent job for a rookie.
Comment Posted By:  wrldzmyn on Mar 11,2008  
great install looks fantastic, left you some points please take a look at mine
Comment Posted By:  Yasky on Mar 11,2008  
yeah that about when i was getting out was when they released the hcca 250's i had two of em..... cant wait to see what these will do. Next year they are doing major overhaul on amp's so maybe an up grade end of the year.
Comment Posted By:  richi on Mar 11,2008  
Man,that's a lot of work. Looks good so far. 1 1/4 MDF wow,otta be solid. More is better. Can't wait to more. I haven't used Orion in years. The old HCCA Series(94ish,red anodizied)used to be awesome. I had 2 HCCA 225's & a 250,they ruled. I take from the
Comment Posted By:  Yasky on Mar 10,2008  
will have more pic up tomorrow for sure
Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Mar 10,2008  
wow i can tell that this system is going to be great! i would really like to see when you get more pictures up. dropped you 10's all around :) check mine out when you get the chance :)

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