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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2002 Volvo S60 T5

Turbo Brick, chillidawg's
San Diego, CA US
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Install Details
Me, Myself, and I

Stock except 1, 10" Rockford P2 sub and a MTX 300XD Mono amp.

Well I had different plans but when my Eclipse AVN 7000 took a crap on me I ended up putting the stock headunit back in because it's actually not a bad set up. The stock system is a Dynaudio and really sounds great but needed a little more bump so I added a 10" Rockford P2 sub and a Kenwood KDC-929, I think. That amp overheated really quick and kind of sucked so I got rid of it and I'm now using a MTX 300XD mono amp that runs about 300 watts and it works pretty well. More to come later!!

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Cool night shot with new Evolve lowering springs installed
 Photo Posted: Feb 05,2009   Photo Viewed: 1807 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Feb 21,2009  
thanks for the comment man, i wish about the sponsours, a sq comp in the mornin, hope i do well with this set up...the gauges and pod is all wired up now, looks great at night, attracts alot of attention on the rd.. cheers..
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Feb 17,2009  
cont'... arrive tomorrow, and they will go in the rear shelf and the centre channel, then ill have 5.1 surround sound.. upgrading subs to 12inch w6s, and getting another 1000/1, so 1 amp per sub..then ill go looking for sponsours for paint and panel
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Feb 17,2009  
new main pic looks awesome chilli.. got that dash pod made and painted.. read the comment on my page as to where to find the pic.. also, a few new pics of work ive done at the very end of the gallery.. slowly getting there mate.. 2 sets of focals
Comment Posted By:  ludedude on Feb 02,2009  
wow! nice ride! looks brand new.
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Jan 30,2009  
that sux about the head unit chilli... i have had my fair share of head unit troubles.. one pioneer in particular went back 4 times in 9 months,lol.. but over all not a bad brand.. just my bad luck i guess.. keep me posted on the volvo pls..
Comment Posted By:  larrypeters86 on Jul 14,2008 Sign up
Comment Posted By:  Bora on May 08,2008  
Love this car very mutch congrats!
Comment Posted By:  DubbedExplorer on Apr 18,2008  
Need help in my h2h if you could help a brotha out... Thx!!!
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 17,2008  
this sux, i aint r8d this all this year i think and it says i have already and wont take the points...oh well i know you dont really care for points and all that stuff....later budd.
Comment Posted By:  joeybag4444 on Mar 18,2008  
thanks for the h2h
Comment Posted By:  joeybag4444 on Mar 17,2008  
nice car thanks for the h2h i will drop you some points
Comment Posted By:  richi on Mar 07,2008  
Good looking car,too bad I've worked on so many. Kinda takes the nice out of them,when you gotta take em apart & put em back together so much. But they still look good. Can't wait to see the system. Left ya some points,just cause it looks good.
Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Mar 04,2008  
dang i would really like to see some install pics of that setup! keep me up on it! dropped you 10's. check out mine when you get the chance :)
Comment Posted By:  livinloud5 on Jan 08,2008  
i got a big h2h going now
Comment Posted By:  Rikanking1981 on Jan 04,2008  
dropped you 800 points. Nice car. Look out for my friend he's in a battle. The silver honda civic. Thanks.
Comment Posted By:  ludedude on Dec 20,2007  
very nice car.
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Dec 18,2007  
should be sweet chilli...dont worry about the bandwagon mate...jl's a proven performer over time so go with what works will not be dissapointed,trust me.. dropped points too
Comment Posted By:  chillidawg on Dec 17,2007  
I'm not riding the JL bandwagon but I know they have been around for a while. As for using different brands, I don't like to mix and match brands. Its just preference
Comment Posted By:  smartass1236969 on Dec 17,2007  
(i spent 280 on an fi 15q n it RUINS $600 w7s all day long)
Comment Posted By:  smartass1236969 on Dec 17,2007  
y do u want to use all the same brand speakers? the systems not gunna sound any better cuz u used a jl sub with jl comps...get off the jl bandwagon man, for the dough ur spendin on that sub, u can get somethin a ton better if you do your research (i spent

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