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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2003 Nissan Maxima

Class: 2 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 22840 |  H2H Wins: 6 |  Rank: 6.1 |  Hits: 6327
Install Details

Excessive amperage alt HU Eclipse CD7200MKII 2 Genesis Profile Ultra 4 1 Genesis Profile ultra sub Dynaudio 362 Active Zapco dsp6 DRC Tru Technology ssld6 2 12" Incriminator Audio Flatlynes

240 Sq feet Second skin damplifier Pro Scosche EFX wiring Dynaudio 36 components 8" midbass in custom door panels midrange and tweets monted in Kicks. Head unit is an eclipse cd7200MKII and processing is thru a zapco dsp6 mounted under seat with DRC mounted in center console. powered by a pair of genesis profile ultra 4 amps. Substage is a pair of incriminator audio flatlynes mounted under the rear deck in Infinite baffle powered by a Genesis Profile ultra sub amp.

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Stillen Body Kit, 15% window tint, Carbon fiber pillars, Angel eye projector headlights with 8000K HID kit and clor matched housing, Tokico Illumina struts with Tein S Tech springs, weathertech wind deflectors, custom black mesh grille, and smoked side markers front and rear.
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Comment Posted By:  smithronnie123 on Jun 30,2010  
nice ride! gave ya good points on it. if ya get time check out my z24 and rate it
Comment Posted By:  Talon027 on Mar 29,2010  
Super clean Maxima, gave some points... Please return the favor.. Check out my install rate and vote..
Comment Posted By:  tattoorific on Mar 10,2010  
hook a brother up.. I voted for you.. Hope you win. I'm sure you will. The car looks great.
Comment Posted By:  ejcusa1 on Mar 09,2010  
got myvote on your h2h
Comment Posted By:  DrAudio33 on Mar 08,2010  
Sweet ride, alot of work nice job
Comment Posted By:  Celica on Dec 11,2009  
Sweet ride bro.gave ya max me a favor and vote 4 my H2H if ya can.and check out my install, rate it, and tell me wat u think.
Comment Posted By:  ludedude on Dec 10,2009  
looks real nice! rated you well!
Comment Posted By:  phxgold on Dec 07,2009  
Thx for the support and compliments!
Comment Posted By:  ejcusa1 on Dec 07,2009  
gave you some points, nice work.
Comment Posted By:  ejcusa1 on Dec 07,2009  
gave you my vote on your h2h, nice work.
Comment Posted By:  phxgold on Dec 06,2009  
Thx Fam. Lookin at some TV's and swapping the eclipse for a Kennwood 9140 after xmas.
Comment Posted By:  outlawice on Dec 06,2009  
ditto what ghost said mane
Comment Posted By:  Ghost54 on Dec 05,2009  
Sweet setup Bro ... and one sweet 5th gen
Comment Posted By:  ejcusa1 on Dec 02,2009  
Sorry, I can't take you H2H. U have a nice ride, I know I wouldn't have a chance.
Comment Posted By:  ALLABOUTSOUNDQ on Nov 29,2009  
Thanks for the comments. Lookin great yourself!!
Comment Posted By:  phxgold on Nov 28,2009  
Comment Posted By:  Da99en on Nov 28,2009  
Thats beautiful,just plain sweet!

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