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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2000 GMC 1500 Sierra x-cab

Noise Ordinance Tickets?Woops!, mfdvr07's
Wesley, AR US
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Install Details
Myself (No Pro's)

Alpine 9886 H.U.,2 sets Alpine 6 1/2" spr series components for front,Alpine 6 1/2" coax rear doors,Tsunami 40 farad hybrid cap,Xtant 1001dx pushing 3-10's,Xtant 604x pushing mids & highs.250 amp alt.with 4 gauge power cable,1-yellow top.

1600 Watt's RMS.Extremely loud.Been working on this system for 7 years and finally got it audible.Through tons of trial & error I got it installed with no help from any (Pro's).Not the fanciest install out there by no means but still working on a better look.Positive comments or suggestions welcome.No,brown isn't my favorite color but got a good deal on it.I have yet to hear anything close to this loud besides a Metallica concert.Let me know of anything louder than that or a top fuel dragster.

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2000 GMC 1500 X-cab (stock w/tinted windows)
Kept this truck simple from the outside except for tinted windows to keep window shoppers detered,K&N Air Filtration,Tornado intake fan......otherwise it's paid for.
 Photo Posted: May 29,2010   Photo Viewed: 1828 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  smithronnie123 on Jun 13,2011  
hey how you been doing! ain't talked to you in a while. tried to give you some point, but it will not let me.
Comment Posted By:  mfdvr07 on Jun 11,2011  
PPI used to be a great Co. but times have changed & they're power handling & image have changed as well.It's best 2 do some serious research before considering every component in your system before installing it.You will never regret buying & installing e
Comment Posted By:  testman on Mar 04,2011  
Hey check out my Silverado Z71 install, much the same....
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Nov 14,2010  
The aluminum DRT-26A tweeters sound much more detailed than the silks. no harshness at all. also switched out my amps and changed up a few things. im updating now.
Comment Posted By:  mfdvr07 on Jun 17,2010  
Thanks,I bought single long box from a stereo shop and cut it to get the two seperate boxes.I added more seal,sound deadener,raised them with wooden round closet bar for excursion,and filled with polyfil.The seat back does stay latched upright for safety
Comment Posted By:  chrislye1 on Jun 17,2010  
nicely done. I've got an 02 sierra with similar set up. I would like to build the same boxes you have under your seat for 2 10" jl w6's. could you send me the dimensions, or are they available online?Does your back seat stay locked when upright after your
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on May 30,2010  
Wow! That's a very clean install. I think I would have hidden the crossovers though. I love the enclosure! Very nice choices in equipment. Gave you a lot of points.


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