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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1989 Nissan 240sx

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Install Details
bruce baldwin

pioneer premier head, phoenix gold amps, kenwood excelon mids and highs, mb quart sub,

install was short but sweet, no custom job but good enough for clean tight bass. will redo later with something alittle louder. i guess i should have posted this earlier, im new to this site. the install is temporary, just something to get me by for a couple of days. thanks for the feedback, i know the front seat isnt the best place for the amps but everything is being redone in the trunk. im going with four mb quart reference tens and adding one more pg xs2500 amp. thanks guys for looking!!

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phoenix gold xs2500 and 4300, premier unit deh-p8mp
 Photo Posted: Mar 26,2005   Photo Viewed: 973 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Apr 20,2005  
I cant wait to see it,please let us know so I can rate ya.
Comment Posted By:  soda on Mar 29,2005  
whew! got a little worried when i saw the amps on the floor but then i read your story and feel a lil better. am now waiting for the finished product.
Comment Posted By:  bassmaster23 on Mar 28,2005  
well this is my third vehicle so i dont really have any passengers, also i like the old phoenix gold stuff. actually the amps are for sale, i want something alittle new and different, probably 5 channel to run the whole system. thanks for the comments.
Comment Posted By:  Nova on Mar 28,2005  
if you have no where to mount those amps, i suggest behind the seat, or under the seat, u cant be havin ppl with their muddy shoes walkin all over your amp, not bad, not ugly
Comment Posted By:  honestabevsmrt on Mar 27,2005  
you've got some sweet ass stuff there...granted it's a little aged, but i've got a 5 year old amp myself in the back, so who am i to talk, right?
Comment Posted By:  bassmaster23 on Mar 27,2005  
thanks, box is exact airspace for a mb quart dwe254, 10" woofer. 12" woofer in a 14" space, thats pretty tight. i hope you have the right sub for the application.
Comment Posted By:  riva16 on Mar 27,2005  
Wait, i forgot... What size is that sub, and what are the dimensions ont he box? I need a 12" sub box to fit in like a 14" space width wise...
Comment Posted By:  riva16 on Mar 27,2005  
I liek that sub box... Sleek. What you want for it? :)

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