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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2005 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

DeLand, FL US
Class: 1 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 41100 |  H2H Wins: 2 |  Rank: 5.8 |  Hits: 8295
Install Details
Robert Hanks

Clarion VRX745VD All in one unit, JL Audio 10W1V2 Subwoofer, JL Audio E1200 200 watt Mono Amp, JL Audio XA-PCS4-1 4gauge amp wiring kit, JL Audio XA-CLRAIC2-18 2ch 18 ft Twisted RCA'S.

2005 Nissan Frontier Nismo Crew Cab. I wanted the install to take up as little space as possible. I think i accomplished it. I will be upgrading the Door speakers and making kick panels later on this month, so keep checking the install gallery.

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The finished install
 Photo Posted: Apr 08,2005   Photo Viewed: 1357 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  pandawill567 on May 22,2013  
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Comment Posted By:  the14u36 on Jul 22,2007  
Thats a nice setup gave ya 1200 points. hit me back when you get a chance. thanks
Comment Posted By:  82firebird on Apr 23,2007  
Looks good man, I'm thinking of doing a very similar install in my CRV. How's it sound?
Comment Posted By:  Luther on Aug 02,2006  
Nice install - left you some points to start the cycle...
Comment Posted By:  BeaterTruck on Jun 03,2006  
Very nice glass work, dropped ya some good points
Comment Posted By:  chrisunthank on Mar 04,2006  
VERY nice work!!!
Comment Posted By:  crunchytaco on Jan 08,2006  
i really like the install. i liked the whole step-by-step instructions.
Comment Posted By:  spcdwayne on Sep 13,2005  
I love fiberglass,you did the install nice and sweet.great job.
Comment Posted By:  oliviakaine on May 04,2005  
I,m interested in buying that exact enclosure! Same color and all! What would you charge me?
Comment Posted By:  flakmonkey on Apr 28,2005  
Great work! You got a high rating from me because of your documentation of the process, proving how much was put into this deceptively simple install! This is something to be very proud of!
Comment Posted By:  nsdb on Apr 24,2005  
great work love it when i can learn from someones site let me know what u think of mine
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Apr 20,2005  
This is a fine example of excellent workmanship,gotta a good score from me.
Comment Posted By:  NRred2 on Apr 14,2005  
Fantastic install, you guys look like you know what your doing, thanks for the "walkthrough."
Comment Posted By:  BrkDancinF00L on Apr 11,2005  
I don't think anyone will be asking for more pictures on this one. Great representation in your photos and great choices on your Audio equipment. Overall nice work.
Comment Posted By:  Dankman on Apr 11,2005  
Nice man i was waiting to see someone using those new W1v2's, how do they sound? Nice lookin install
Comment Posted By:  burbaust99 on Apr 11,2005  
Luv the install very simple, this is probably one of my favorites on the site, just because of the simplicity of it and how well it works in the vehicle. do you have any more plans for the truck?
Comment Posted By:  ric2003 on Apr 11,2005  
Nice job man looks good....
Comment Posted By:  kylereep on Apr 11,2005  
hey it kinda looks like an ipod when the first pic is really small
Comment Posted By:  alpine45 on Apr 09,2005  
what do thoses w1 sound like?
Comment Posted By:  elz on Apr 09,2005  
very well put to together..clean and simple..i like it, nice job

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