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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1994 Nissan Sentra

Old Setup, pksimon28's
Plainfield, IL US
Class: 1 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 26610 |  H2H Wins: 3 |  Rank: 4.9 |  Hits: 8400
Install Details

Premier DEH-P860MP, Clarion VRX6671Z, Clarion VS735, MB Quart RAA4200, Rainbow CS230 Contours, Rainbow SLC265.03s, Lanzar Opti2000d, RE Audio XXX 12, Edead V1se, Second Skin Spectrum, Welding Supply Wire, & Knukonceptz Rcas

This was my first install and more of a learning experience than anything.

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1994 Sentra
This is my sentra. It may not look all that cool and certainly is not that fast, but it does get great mileage and has not let me down yet.
 Photo Posted: May 02,2005   Photo Viewed: 1316 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  the14u36 on May 21,2007  
holly crap man thats some good job on that install dropped ya all 10s 800 points hit me back when you get a chance. Thanks
Comment Posted By:  asiannetta on Feb 28,2007  
nice system check mine out when you get a chance left you good points
Comment Posted By:  1BAD86VMAX on Feb 08,2007  
I rated you to start the new cycle , Please rate me back.
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Sep 06,2006  
Check out my battle. Thanks.
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Aug 21,2006  
Very nice set up. Check out my battles and please rate my car. Thanks.
Comment Posted By:  yoda06 on Aug 16,2006  
For what it was, and what I spent, it sounded pretty damn good. That PG, while low end, seemed to be pushing its actual power, and it made any genre sound good and hit hard. Still using the PG for my highs until I get more money.
Comment Posted By:  yoda06 on Jul 13,2006  
Nice work. I'd say check out mine, but it doesn't exist anymore, but you may if you'd like. How does the opti sound? I'm looking into one for a set of TypeR 12"s.
Comment Posted By:  Pioneer~Saturn on Jul 06,2006  
(continued), check out mine sometime...just updated pics. Latr.
Comment Posted By:  Pioneer~Saturn on Jul 06,2006  
Hey, like the system. Those components are a steal at that price. Way to stick it to bangin12's...I frankly couldnt believe all these people talkin about runnin tons of subs off of one amp. He had it comin...anyway, gave ya some good points
Comment Posted By:  fordfreak on May 13,2006  
Some top notch equipment. gave ya some good points
Comment Posted By:  Luther on Apr 30,2006  
Like your door work - voted you up for your car and being a great forum contributor.
Comment Posted By:  yoda06 on Apr 12,2006  
Nice install. Extremely nice for your first work.
Comment Posted By:  locolopro on Mar 30,2006  
looks good all 10's from me check mine out sumtime..laterz
Comment Posted By:  bangin12s on Jan 22,2006  
What's up? I got a few OPTI's myself from the Ol'School....Six to be exact. Got the first one in 1993 and the sixth one in 1996. They all still work perfect too. Check out my 93GPSE when ya get a few. Just finished some new Fiberglass Tweeter pods too.
Comment Posted By:  porkchop on Jan 08,2006  
hey PK, read your e-mail,buddy!
Comment Posted By:  OnYrMrk on Nov 01,2005  
very nice start to a great install. You will like the XXX, great sq sub, and will rattle your brain. Check out my Mark VIII if you get a chance
Comment Posted By:  frppower on Sep 30,2005  
Very nice work on that install man,great job on the box, great equipment,bet it sounds great,gave you 1200pts. and all 10s check mine out if you get a chance thanks.
Comment Posted By:  flakmonkey on Sep 25,2005  
so dude, do you like that Lanzar opti? I am thinkin about that one too, but I have had shit for luck with their customer support, emailed them 12 times and NOTHING. Blown cap, xrayed it, it was defective (worked in for an xray cab mfg)
Comment Posted By:  ranmansnaple on Sep 01,2005  
thats a very nice system i like i found some asphault sound dampening sheet at partsexpress . com $20.00 for a 32 inche by 54 inche sheet i have it in my car in works great give it a look i gave you some mad points check out mine
Comment Posted By:  pksimon28 on Aug 24,2005  
Update: I finally installed my old Massive Audio PA25.4 for my XXX. I have it running at 2 ohms stereo and it is taking it like a champ, I am so glad I held on to this amp...

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