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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2007 Dodge Charger Sxt

6 T5 15s in a Charger!!, livinloud5's
Gainesville, FL US
Class: 5+ |  Verified: YES |  Points: 38670 |  H2H Wins: 9 |  Rank: 6.6 |  Hits: 12674
Install Details
Pure Pressure Audio & Myself

Alpine Iva D300 H.U. (6)Soundstream T5 15s, (3)Clarion Class D amps,(2)1000x4ch amps, (4)SoundStream SS 5.25"s, (4)Soundstream xts 5.25"s,(6)SoundStream 1" Tweeters,(4)Selenium D250X horns (2)kinetik HC2400s,(4)7" Tvs,K&N intake, 40srs. flowmasters

Custom built by the owners of Pure Pressure Audio in Gainesville,Fl. along with myself. First wall consisted of 4 of the shops own line of subs which were replaced by the soundstream T5 15s which actually dropped the over all DB level by 1.5db. Did it for cosmetic reasons only. Now that the new subs are installed box was to big probably y it dropped a 1.5db and have now rebuilt the Enclosure to house 6 of the T5 15s now. And being pushed by 3 Clarion Class D amplifiers

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Fresh Paint Job
Flipped up the paint and flushed another set of horns in the front bumper as well
 Photo Posted: Jul 22,2009   Photo Viewed: 2384 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  Celica on Dec 05,2009  
Man I gottta say that this is the best car that I have seen on this site...Gave you MAX points...I can't find anything wrong with this car...There is nothing I would change...If your not busy, check mine out and leave me a comment...
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Jul 20,2009  
WOW... holy shit dude.. your cars looking sweet as... its been a while since ive seen this, and youve done well with it.. whats those bumper mounted horns worth.. could you send me a link to where i can see them? do they have a midbass or whats up??
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Aug 08,2008  
dropped 1038 outta 1200, and overall rating of 8.5, really sweet install and car combined..
Comment Posted By:  wrldzmyn on Aug 05,2008  
very nice left ya points Online Car Audio Competition Competitor
Comment Posted By:  memphisman on Jul 17,2008  
That is awesome. I see you finally got to do your T5's ya wanted. Thats gotta be hella loud even being sealed(right?). What you gonna have running all those bad boys?
Comment Posted By:  shawnpatte on Jul 15,2008  
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Jun 15,2008  
whats up man, i think the 15s idea is off the hook, your mad, straight up mad...i didnt get a new car yet, but im still looking, long story mate...r8d ya while here too...
Comment Posted By:  memphisman on May 01,2008  
dropped 800 for ya...
Comment Posted By:  memphisman on May 01,2008  
Looks awesone man. Love those two colors. I guess I can say I know what your fav. colors are. lol. Looks awesome. keep up the good work.
Comment Posted By:  cadencesq on Apr 26,2008  
im really huge on the audio part of a car and you have paid really good attn to the details of car audio. i compete in usaci sound quality events and quality sound is very important to me, i see it is to you as well...:) chef kyle
Comment Posted By:  2rgrbn on Apr 25,2008  
Ahhh now I see I had the cars mixed up things make much more sense now the paint is nice. I like paint jobs that change at the body line of a car
Comment Posted By:  hotboyzdmx708 on Apr 22,2008  
bitch is lookin even meanier way to go when u gonna post some pics of that toyota id like to see that 2 lol
Comment Posted By:  memphisman on Mar 15,2008  
Thanks for the vote. Really appreciate it. Keep up the good work. So when can I expect another creation.
Comment Posted By:  memphisman on Mar 14,2008  
did it again..Wrote that in my fiances account..Got a h2h going again..could use some help...thanks man
Comment Posted By:  bethany01807 on Mar 14,2008  
Got a H2H going again.
Comment Posted By:  chillidawg on Mar 06,2008  
13-2 with my vote. No competition!!!
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Mar 06,2008  
11-2. no drama. i dont get on here much any m,ore either. i was approved yesterday for a car loan so keep an eye on the new gallerys, ill be doing the thing again,lol. points for you if it lets me. brad
Comment Posted By:  memphisman on Mar 05,2008  
Voted for ya on your h2h. 8-1 your way. Im slowly moving up on mine. Got the new 220 amp alternator. Hopefully I have my new v2 series amps in...
Comment Posted By:  2rgrbn on Mar 04,2008  
6-1 you
Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Mar 04,2008  
dropped you a H2H vote, and rated you top points :) check out mine if you get the chance :)

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